March 28, 2008

Eleven years old. Time to have an overnight birthday party.
Mama spends the day making magic happen.
Pizza dinner, games and party, and then the big very first birthday party overnight.
Dad gone to game with grandpa. He will help when he returns.
Auntie comes to help mom, with her 5 year old in tow.
Cousin reassures Auntie that "Momma, don't worry. You'll get your taste back." cause momma has stuffed sinuses and lost taste/smell a couple of weeks ago..

Snow today; imagine that after spring has been declared and buds are up

.And daffodils. And blossoming plum trees line the streets like puff balls..
Don't forget the sticks for tree trunks on the bottom; cousin draws them.
Puff balls are for the near-sighted; a blur of impressionistic form.

Melody the kitty, the every-move-checker, resides on a bed of sheepskin, seemingly asleep, but at the sign of my moving, she stirs and then follows.
She is like a puppy in her shadowing, but when observed pretends to not care.
When banished to the downstairs, she pretends to not care with energy on the run in the opposite direction.